Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bishkek 2nd Penal Squad, part 3: the boys are done

Before getting into these bad boys, I want to remind all of you of our Super Chain Blog Give Away, which John started yesterday. Please join, click on the link in the right column and check out the details. We have amazing prizes for the winner!
Now onto the ultimate sinners in the service of the emperor. I finished them up a month ago, but they had to move to my local game store Game Alot in Santa Cruz for a painting competition. Yesterday was gamesday there, unfortunately I couldn't be there, i was still on vacation. Anyway, today I went over and found out this squad made first place in the squad category! It's the first time I ever won something, so I am super happy. Anyway, enough talking, here's the squad

I did my best on the tattoos...
gave all of them a slightly different skintone, as they could all come from different planets

John made the one on the right out of zombie parts
The next one looks creepy, I guess there always has to be a crazy one in each story
and here is the Boss, Col Schaeffer:
In the end I experimented with the lighting a little and came up with this interesting mood shot. It hightlights a different feeling in the model.
Here is the post that explains how I kitbashed these guys.
The bases are all Dragon Forge Trench bases. Wouldn't it be nice to get some of those for a Give Away? I waiting for a message from Jeff.

Besides the Penal Squad, Autolochus, the dreadnought from the Iron Snakes also won first in the same competition in the large model category. Here's that model

All in all a great way to come back home!



  1. This is a fantastic penal squad. Good design, clean conversions and a great dirty look to them. Fantastic.

  2. They're sooo good. I wanna use fanatic heads too to my penal squad...

    Good job!

  3. Congrats on first place! I may follow your lead along with everyone else on some penal legion of my own.

  4. always loved the penal troops. These guys look really great with lots of character. Very nice kit bashing.

  5. yeah, what can I say that everyone else hasn't? Awesome stuff!

  6. simply awesome! what amazing looking models,