Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Bit of Family Old West Historical Fantasy in 28mm

Well Mike is on Vacation and I am back but dead sick, so I figure I will tell you a bit about a new project of mine.

I picked up the rules book for Gutshot, a wild west skirmish game, and have been buying some figures for it.

I decided I would try to go back into my family history to base my character off of, instead of just making one up.

This is Rollin Smith, in 1861. My Great Great Grandfather

I am lucky to have a book of his letters from the time he went west to California to the Gold Country from Vermont. He was very detailed in his writing and it makes for very interesting reading. He was the Orderly Sargent of the local militia and he bought a small store and delivered supplies and mail to the local mining camps and since he carried gold, he carried a brace of pistols.

With his partner and friend Jerome Fenton in Brandy City.

and the two together again in 28mm.

not the best match, but I am still looking for a taller model of Rollin, but this will do for now.

There was no Lawman in Camptonville, it was a small stage stop in a mining area, the closest sheriff was in Yuba city 40 miles away, so the citizens formed a Vigilance committee, the local men would take up arms and go after the crooks themselves. Rollin describes a day the stage was robbed just outside of town and they set out after the robbers, the men swearing the bandits would never make it to a courtroom and would find justice from judge lynch.

In all reality Rollin never did shoot anyone, most of what we hear of the Old West gunfights are a mix of fantasy and history, so I don't feel too bad for using him as a character for my Old West Fantasy games, and his writings give some great ideas for scenarios.



  1. Man, how cool is this? Being able to use not just a historical figure, but one of your own relatives to boot. The Gustshot! rules are a lot of fun, and you'll be able to get a lot of narrative games in to recreate your ancestor's past. Plus, with his journal you've got endless scenario ideas too! Can't wait to see more...

  2. Hi!

    I'm a fan of this blog, and i have the model hobby too...
    I coment here because you inspire me a bit to make my own Imperial Guard.
    I give you a link of it... hope you dont think its spam.

    Hope photos are enough explanation of what i did.


  3. Ups. My comment is for Mike, obviusly.