Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kitbash Khorne Lord on Juggernaut

I have had this Juggernaut kicking around for a while, I had tried to mount and based it in a dynamic leaned way over position, and had planned on parting together a rider for it, but it just sat around.

I was digging around in my bits and spotted a few parts that got the juices flowing, so I went for it and started pinning some parts together to get the rider pose to look right, and since he is a Lord, I dug ups some bits to make him stand out a bit.

The cape is an empire fantasy item and the axe is from the new Minotaurs with a bit of green stuff to make it demonicy, chains are from the Marauder horses.

Threw down some paint, and it ended up looking like this.

I like the model, but I am unhappy with the way the power effect turned out, I think a red or yellow glow would look better and imply the demon weapon thing better, I will have to redo it, any suggestions?



  1. Excellent job - that is one good looking kitbash miniature!

  2. You could try a chrome metal effect. Check out this from Dims (a Battle Reporter forum member):-

    Chaos Lord on Juggernaught

    my WFB blog

  3. John,

    Awesome conversion .... scary to be on the other end of that monster

  4. Brilliant Kitbash ... all I can say is:


    Deserves the stat changing to 'cavalry' just for the conversion!

    Oh wait, you're a juggernaut, silly me!

  5. Very nice conversion. I don't have Chaos anything, but have enjoyed recent articles on using Juggernauts. This is probably the most dynamic pose I've seen. Great work.

    Oh, and I wish I could "throw on some paint" as easy as you make it look.