Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Blog Chain Give Away Contest Winner!

After reviewing the entries, and many were great offers for the next winner, I have chosen ( for no particular reason )

Cawshis Clay

He will be getting the brushes, cleaner and sand, and will in turn be giving away some War Walkers on his blog Adepticus Prime in the near future.

If you entered this contest, please think of entering his and you may still be a winner.

We will have a post to send you to his give away when he has it up on his site.

Thanks to all the folks that entered, and lets keep the chain of give aways rolling.



  1. Just crazy. I thank you folks very much for the win!

    I'm ordering the flesh tearers shoulder pads today. God help me, I'm starting a 3rd marine army. :)

  2. That's a really good point I didn't think about. If you didn't win this go-round, go sign up again at the winner's blog, so on and so forth...

  3. Couldn't have gone to someone more deserving. Can't wait to see those flesh tearer's CC.