Sunday, May 9, 2010

the Bishkek 2nd Tauros Venator, Part 1: starting off

The Bishkek 2nd has another surprise in store for the Altaic resistance on Kartvelian. A custom built Tauros Venator, based on plans found in a wrecked Mechanicum shuttle. The Bishkek engineers only used obsolete parts found on Kartvelian, but they came up with one hell of a dunebuggy..
On to the modeling.
Here is the new Forgeworld model.
I like it but then again, In envision my Bishkek Army as looking like a desert army in the mid thirties so that wouldn't really fit. As a base for my Venator I used this kit that John gave to me specifically for this project:
I cut the chassis in two and extended it a little. Over the top I glued plastic card with metal plate designs on them. I also built the placeholders for the roll bars...
which are right here
Then over the top an old door piece of a Chimera which will be the gun support
Take some time with the details..having a cable come out looks nice, but also create nice holders and entry parts, it make the end result so much better and there is hardly extra effort
I filled up the side with a piece, here you can also see the double tires. The nice thing about this Tamiya kit is that it comes with the little kart which gives you an extra set of wheels.
Another detail I thought would look nice, a gun rack behind the driver
This model will have a twin linked lasgun which needs a pretty big powersource. Using old Robo Gear rockets and some wires I created this battery pack which will rest underneath the lasguns
These dragon forge power cables are quite handy
Here's the armament, extended with plastic tube
A family picture
and a mock build with the driver in the early stages...notice also that I finished the side piece with an extra rim of plastic card to match the original trim. Also rebuilt the back fenders.
Still a lot of work to be done, but having loads of fun. My buddy Christian already said he would be OK with playing it, despite the fact it Elysian only. Who cares? As long as you have fun.

HUMBLE REQUEST: Forgeworld took down the experimental rules for this vehicle when they released IA8. Could someone email me the page with the rules? It would really help me with the build. You can send it to
I would be very grateful.



  1. Looking great!

    What was the scale of the original model? The Tamiya one

  2. I think it looks great. My only concern is that the lascannons are too close to the the drivers head and look like they're just stuck to the metal plate there. I would raise it a tiny bit so it appears that they could swivel.

    Otherwise, great!

  3. Very nice indeed,
    and a hell of a lot cheaper than a FW 1 id bet.
    That would be a 1:35 scale model you used for the base yeah?

  4. veghist: the scale is 1/35. I had to enlarge the seat cushions to make the drive look closer to the steering wheel.
    Kuffeh: the las cannons in the mock up weren't attached In the final build they will be higher


  5. Great kitbash, and very fitting. The JEEP/MUTT was an extremely versatile vehicle, and was used/converted for about any use the frame and imagination could handle.

  6. Knowing how good your projects turn out, I'm really looking forward to seeing this done and painted up.

  7. Great idea!

    I can't wait to see this all painted-up in desert colours with the rest of the motor pool.