Sunday, May 16, 2010

the Bishkek 2nd Tauros Venator, Part 3: the Paint Job!

After the build was done, I happily grabbed the paints and started throwing it on and not in a subtle manner. I am getting a bit more confident with my heavy handed method which mostly consists out of basecoating, heavy washing and countless drybrushing mixed with more washes. My tip: initially wash everything with Devlan Mud, but finishing up use lots of Badab Black. Here are the images:
The other side:
here are some details:
and the back. The guns swivel and can be taken off in case of the successful hit
Here's a family shot of the Battery Pack, the mount and the guns. The battery is now glued in
Top without the guns
And the profiles:

Still haven't heard about the rules for this vehicle..does anyone know about them?
Let me know!

Final part is coming up next week, including a family picture!



  1. Very nice. It's all very Popski's Private Army.
    Good kit bash,

  2. I can't believe those straps are just dental floss! These kit-bash posts are the most inspirational kind to me. Awesome job, sir!

  3. Hot damn! That looks fantastic! Just enough kitbash to give it that retro look, but maintain a place in 40k. Great work!

  4. A great kitbash with a nice dusty paint scheme. I kinda want it to have six wheel.s (wouldn't the frame start sagging in the middle with the weight of those Lascannons? Ah, who cares...)

    Lots of great detail in there, too....

  5. 2501: I agree with the length although since I built it, i have spotted several extra long trucks in town. In the end it doesn't matter as long as it looks good. it does have 6 wheels though, double back wheels.
    thanks for the compliments

  6. model but for my personal preference I would rather have a buggy front rather than the Jeep one you used but it is great anywat.

  7. This is a great kitbash and I've enjoyed watching it from the ground up. Some talented work went into it, and I've seen a couple things I want to try.

    I'm with #2501 though on the length. I know in real life it would snap in two at the first pothole, but in the 40K world anything is possible. Shame they don't make a model of the 6X6 Super Jeep ( to start from.

  8. From start to finish, a fantastic job! Your self-described "heavy hand" techniques are very effective. I agree with the use of washes. Some think they can be used as a crutch but I think they are a great tool to ad depth to a project. You've really demonstrated that here.

    Well done!