Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nurgle Death Guard Raptor Test Model

I have to admit that I never intended to have a unit of these guys, until I read an interesting post at Imperius Dominatus.

While this may not be very fluffy for my Nurgle themed army, I liked his idea of 5 Raptors with two meltas as tank hunters.

I didn't think the metal raptors would fit in well with my Forge World Death Guard, so I dug around looking for loyalist jump packs (which I have a ton of) but instead I found a box of MaxMini jump packs.

I used a set of loyalist assault legs that I hit with my frog skinning technique , one of the Forge World Death Guard torsos with belly, Chaos assaulty arms, and threw down some Nurgly green paint. I will be using the shoulder pad with the fly on them for this squad.

Hope you like him, also here is a sneak peek of a sculpt I am doing for an epic project we have been scheming around with behind your backs.

We will be revealing it with our next post June 1st, and you do not want to miss it. I dare say it may be the greatest hobby project we have undertaken, ever.

stay tuned......



  1. Ewwwwwwww, these guys are gross and nasty.

    So perfect :)

  2. He looks superb, those maxmini jump packs work really well - they have a nice "old tech" feel to them which goes really well with a Chaos marine, particularly those legions that were involved in the Heresy.

    Great paint job too.

  3. Great stuff.
    I'm really looking forward to DW too.

  4. Loving the plaguemarine raptor - the jump pack works very well with it and the paint job finishes off an awesome job perfectly. Great work!

  5. That MaxMini jump pack works perfectly with the other bits you've used. Fantastic conversion!

  6. Very nice, good job on the corrosion.

  7. nice! I like the pit and potted armor. I'll have to try applying that technique to my own Nurgle devotees.

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  8. I had hopped to do a project exactly like this (fluff be damned, they look cool!), but I was a little worried the details on the MaxMini jump packs might be a little to "soft", but you've shown here how perfect for Nurgle this combination is. Well done (as always).

    Big fan of this army.

  9. that looks really nice, might have to steal your idea ;)

  10. I love the way the pitting comes out looking on the smaller models. It, along with your colors, really make the model look 'thick' with color.

    And why not Nurgle Raptors? Like you said, they have the Plague Fly thing going on...

  11. Sacred feth, that is one darn impressive raptor.