Monday, May 24, 2010

Quick and Easy Dollar Store Cat Bowl Outpost.

I was fumbling around the house and the new kitten would not stop crying, I followed her and she lead me to an empty bowl .

While filling it up, I realized without cat food in it, the bowl was just about the right height and size for a Space Marine squad to hide in for cover. I needed to go by the post office, and the dollar store was close, so I dropped in to grab some cheap supplies.

For just $3.00 I picked up a pair of stacked plastic bowls, the Garfield cat bowl, and a little stack of clear plastic party cake plates.

I set the cat bowl on top of an over turned plastic bowl and glued them together with hot glue. I added an old rhino side hatch for access to the observation deck.

and a Land Raider hatch and video screen from a Rhino interior, all from the bits box, then painted with black primer.

for the canopy, I masked off the outside edge to keep it clear, sanded the top and primered it also.

I sprayed a desert yellow over the primer, leaving a bit of black showing in a mottled pattern.

After everything had dried, I removed the masking tape to reveal the clear plastic edge.

I drilled three holes, and added three pegs of round plastic sprue to hold up the canopy, but didn't glue it so I can get in there to place figures.

Here a Death Guardsman looks out from the observation deck.

Next, I just hit it with a bit of wash and picked out some details on the hatches.

here is the finished glamour shot.

That was about as simple as it gets, it took only a few hours from start to finish (mostly paint drying) and a non gaming friend said it looked like a building from Mos Eisley in Star Wars, so I guess it passed muster.

Hope you like it,



  1. Really nice piece. It's amazing what you can get at the dollar store. A few more of these and you'd be ready for planetstrike.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Good stuff! My original drop pod models came from the dollar store.

  3. Nice, and the fact that it can be made quickly only makes it nicer.

    IMHO, it strikes as a bit more Tau-like (or kinda-sorta Eldar-ish) than Imperial, though.

  4. Amazing what you can put together with some cheap plastic and a great imagination!

  5. Looks really nice, but I honestly thought that it was a piece of Tau terrain!

  6. I sure does look Tauish,

    I was thinking kind of an organic adobe like building.

    I think I will replace the door to make it a Tau cat bowl outpost.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer