Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yanos, Dark Angels Dreadnought

This is a no frills build up of a standard plastic Dread with Dark Angels sprue shin guards, and sarcophagus door.

The base is also standard with a few big slabs of slate from a busted up slate flooring tile added to it.

I did drill the barrels of the assault cannon, but thats about it.

Paint was primer black, tin bits drybrush with boltgun drybrush over that on the metal bits, dark angels green with goblin green outline and highlights, 2x green wash and badab black wash. the yellow on the fist is Yanden darksun with a sepia wash. White details were based in astronomican grey and highlighted in white with a light black wash, and a gentile boltgun sponging to wear areas.

this was a simple quick and dirty build up, but I like the finished product.



  1. Looking good.

    Could use some pimpy icon on the fron armor, but it is not needed for it to look complete. Good work.

  2. It is a nice-looking figure. It's not over-ornamented like so many miniatures we see. There seems to be an attitude that all the parts are on the sprue, so we should make sure all the parts get glued to the model.

  3. Nothing wrong with this at all. Just goes to show that a good paintjob on a standard model produces some nice results.

    Well done.
    I like the hazard striping on the fist too. I might steal that little gem.

  4. I second Ron's statement! Dreadnaught looks solid and the stripes on the fist puts it over the top.