Sunday, June 13, 2010

Storm Wardens 2nd Mini Drawing: we have a Winner!

We have a winner for the second Storm Wardens Mini Drawing!

The lucky one:

Jonas Sjostrand from Sweden!

Jonas was one of the many readers contributing to the Storm Wardens Project and using we drew him as the winner of a 50 dollar giftcertificate for Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Jonas, your only job is to email our own Storm Wardens Team member Mr. Justin ( to connect and claim your prize.

The Project is going beyond expectations, for a look at the creative part check here

Next week we will do another Mini Drawing! More details on Friday! Please stay tuned and thank you ALL for the great support. Remember, winners of the mini drawing can still claim the big one at the end! Keep the support for the Storm Wardens Project coming!



  1. The email is actually incorrect - I can be reached at:


  2. the email has been fixed