Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Storm Wardens Army Progress and Live Broadcast

More Storm Wardens Army news, be sure to tune in Wednesday 6pm EST (3pm PST) for the Jawaballs live show, I will be online while he is painting to answer any Storm Wardens Project questions, fluff info, and might even tip you off to some in the works secret stuff.

Best of all, we are going to give away some Jawaballs loot. If you have made a contribution to the Storm Wardens Project, you are already entered in all the mini drawings that we will have and the big drawing for the Army, if not hit the link and get on the list, you could win some stuff.

During the show, there will even be a drawing for viewers who have donated, so tune in!

Check the blog list on the right to get more Storm Wardens Army info.

As for me, I figured I would show a few in progress shots of a couple of the items on my list.

The Land Speeder has magnetized and pinned weapons, to switch between a Typhoon and a Tornado, with a heavy bolter or multi melta. You can see more of it in the build here.

And here is the Captain from the Headquarters unit

Still lots to do, want to make sure they look just right. Don't forget, if you haven't contributed to the Project and want to have a chance on getting this army in a box at home, check the paypal button on the right or click on the picture above for all the info.



  1. Enjoying the look so far; especially the shield on the commander guy. Question on magnets: what size are you using for the MM/HB and can we see pics of how you've magnetised them + the typhoons? I've got 4 speeders due in soon + 2 pinned on the table but trying to figure out how to magnetise them as best as possible.

  2. Kirby-

    I added the link to the earlier article with a bit more info.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. John, that shield looks great, as does everything else! The Land Speeder is looking very nice as well, your speed and quality is humbling!

    I'm going to try and be on tonight too, but may have to cut out early.