Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Storm Wardens Jawaballs Live Mini Drawing Winners!

Well the Jawacast was fun, and we got to do some more mini drawings. You can tune in and watch the recorded version.

We had two drawings, first for $50 worth of Jawaballs store goods, which went to Robert Managlia.

We also drew Kelley Fardink as the winner of the Mastersons Sta-wet wet pallet from us here at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

There were also a bunch of mini Jawaballs livecast drawings for viewers only, check out the Jawaballs blog for those winners.



  1. This was awesome, I'm glad I was able to pop in for a few minutes. Ironically enough, it was game night, so I couldn't stay long, but it was cool; lots of great prizes going around too!

  2. Ate you going to give atutorial on how to paint them to the winner?