Monday, June 14, 2010

The Storm Wardens Vindicator, Part 1

I have quietly started my Vindicator for the Storm Wardens Army. I feel a little daunted with modelers like Dave Taylor, Ron from the Warp and Santa Cruz Warhammer's John. But I am giving it my best shot and am working really slowly at the whole thing. I probably have the least time of everyone working on this project, with a demanding dayjob and the wedding photography during the summer, plus having to move within 6 weeks and the organization with John of the Storm Wardens Project. That's why I am not doing too much in the way of modeling right now.
Anyway, John had an old Vindi laying around, so I bashed it up a bit and worked on the dozer adding some cables.

The dozer is the most important visual aspect of the model, so most of my time will go into weathering that part.

John made a little mold for a vehicle shield and we casted a few shields the other night

I am following the ForgeWorld Modeling book method of weathering with oil paints and therefore had to spray the model with glossy, so the oils will flow well. And then....the can didn't work and this is what I was left with...a totally messed up coat..
Here's the dozer before the weathering.
Lots of work to do!



  1. really nice work I really like your weathering looks good.

  2. Mike, you might be able to salvage with another coat of gloss or a little bit of brush on Dull Coate!

    I had this exact same thing happen the other day on a client's mini. For whatever reason a brand new tin of spray gloss was clogging!?!...
    I had to drop the whole thing in Simple Green and start again. Five hours of my life I am never gunna get back.

    From testing the reason you clear coat before oil weathering is that the turps tends to cause the acrylics to flake apart layer by layer (nasty!)... If you are tricky you can use this to your advantage (like the hairspray method of applying chipping), but you need to be careful.

    The FW Model Masterclass book is great, but there have been a few things I have found that it skips over.

    Hope it works out ok.