Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Storm Wardens Vindicator, Part 2

OK, I was able to do some night work on the Vindicator. Using the FW modeling book, I added oil paints and ground up pastels to add mud/sand underneath and oil leakage up top at the engine outlets. Also soot on the exhausts. Not much else to say, here are the images. if you have questions, leave a comment. If you want this tank when I am done with it (a couple of weeks), enter your contribution in the Storm Wardens Project on the right. All money will go to Doctors without Borders. Your good deed for today and many, many thanks to all who already committed!

I have never done free hand painted and I am a little embarassed about it. Give me some constructive criticism.
And one more shot

Halfway done! Go Doctors without Borders!



  1. Everything looks great, except for that freehand scroll.

    It looks like you didn't center it, or plan out your text.

    Truth is, I think most free hand work, no matter how artfully executed, looks out of place on Space Marine stuff. Save it for the 1970s stoner vans with their bikini models raising swords into a thunderstorm.

    Frankly, I'd paint over it. Everything else is so awesome, it really seems like a fly in the soup.

  2. Don't abandon hope! That freehand isn't as bad as you feel... you just have some high contrast in a few areas. The top of of the scroll has that thick, goopy black outline, I think maybe some thin, translucent layers of Kommando Khaki to mute it down a but.

    Then maybe some rain streak type weathering from the top of the hatch to make the freehand seem more like it has been on there a while.

  3. I'm very impressed with the free hand work. Great job

  4. Everything looks great. The "Emperor Protects" looks like it was put on by a dude with a paintbrush, though; I'd make it as faded/dirtied out as the lightning bolt on the siege shield.

  5. I think it's a great paint job.

    the freehand just needs a little tidying to get rid of the patchyness. I used to find that with citadel white. you feel you have to use if thickly for freehand, but it behaves very badly. I use vallejo now and it's much better. but If i really want to work on somne freehand I use oil over a varnish. lots of open time and easily wiped off If I mess up.

    but I think you're allowed to cut yourself some slack on your first freehand :)

    one thing I would say is to be careful with the weathering. I've seen a few of the stormwardens project vehicles now and while there seems to have been consensus on all the paint colours, the earths and powders used for the weathering look to differ from each other quite a lot.

  6. I would agree with Mr Esty, it is your first time at free-hand and with a little tidying and weathering to tie it in with the rest of the vehicle it will look great.

    And I have also noticed that the weathering powders used across all the contributors have differed, i.e. not been consistent with each other.

    This could make the entire army look eclectic or just random.

    If you guys as a group reach a consensus I would personally be glad to donate and extra $50US to make sure the weathering was consistent across the whole lot.
    Drop me an email and we can talk about it if you think there is still time. It is for a good cause after all.