Monday, June 21, 2010

The Storm Wardens Vindicator, Part 3

I promised you all that I would spend quite a bit of time on the dozer of the Vindicator, since that is such a dominant part of this model. So here's the finished front of the dozer blade.
I kept the logo, muted though it is, under the mud and grime still visible. The foes of the Storm Wardens will run the moment they see that lightning bolt race up to their stronghold.
Here's the rest of the model, pretty much finished up. I am adding a tank commander, once he is on, I will give the model a final inspection. I am still not sure about the shields on the side but I have some time left.
I stayed away from highlighting with boltgun metal, instead hightlighted the blue with scrorched brown, which worked really nicely.
The weathering is just how like it for this model, not too bad but certainly not new out-of-the-factory either.
We have had some comments from supporters of the Storm Wardens Project that noticed that the models don't all look alike in terms of blues, weathering, shading etc. To me, this has always been a project where every participant could put their own take on the job, within a set of parameters. I feel that makes the models more special and unique.

Comments are appreciated AND yes, I did remove the freehand on the back door, it didn't look good. I still need to blend that door a little
We are about 3 1/2 weeks away from announcing who the lucky supporter will be that will get an incredible army. We had received an incredible amount of support and when it's all over, you will all realize that together all the war gamers have created something special that is going to help Doctors Without Borders. Thanks for that.
If you haven't given yet, head over to the Storm Wardens picture on the right top. if you don't have money, tell people about our project and support us this way. If you have already given, cheers for that!



  1. I didn't like the freehand.

    But I love the look of it now.

    I am wondering: did you merely paint over the freehand, sand it, or do something else? Because it looks well and truly gone now.

    Nice job. And a good cause, of course!

  2. Oh I like what you did with it. The final result is definitely worth the effort you put into it.

  3. I like the finish you have, as stated - not OTT but also not factory fresh.


  4. Love the Paintjob, but I think the top of the shields on the sides should flat.