Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Storm Wardens are Going to Games Day!

It has been confirmed, the army, the new owner, and even I, will be at Games Day USA.

I hope to see you there, I will be the ogre looking guy with the Storm Wardens T shirt and silly grin shaking hands with everyone like a campaigning diplomat, (well one of them anyway).

If you do make it, perhaps you can even play against the Storm Wardens army and its new commander.

It will be great to meet everyone and say thanks in person.

I'll bring a camera and my Death Guard.

My first Games Day, what should I do?



  1. Come early, don't be shy and stay away from the Forge World line of DEATH! (unless you preordered)

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  3. "My first Games Day, what should I do?"

    Strip naked to the waist, cover yourself in butter, and run around screaming like a little girl.

    Of course.

  4. Mik, seeing as its a special occasion, I thought I might try something different this time.

  5. Get pictures and meet up with any of the other bedragled mob that is the WH40k/Fantasy blogging community. Drinks or dinner at what ever you wind up being able to budget, and of course the time honored kidnapping of a game designer to hurredly smuggle back to your hotel room to be water boarded in that crappy tiny half bath half shower deal untill we get the release schedual for 2011. Or just hang out and game and get souviners.


    BH Senior Editor

    congrats on raising $16k its hard to exprese the amount of respect I have for you guys.

  6. Can't wait to meet you in person. So if you have plague marines I need plasma...got to go paint!