Sunday, July 11, 2010

Storm Wardens Mini-Drawing: MaxMini 50 Euro Winner! and More Progress Pics

This weeks Storm Wardens Project Mini Drawing winner is;

David Gaither from McMinnville Tennessee

David has won 50Euros worth of swag from the MaxMini Web Store and free shipping!

Not only that, but David's name will from this day forward live in Storm Wardens lore.

This just finished Command Squad Veteran is named in his honor, Brother Veteran Gaither.
Brother Gaither shows his terminator honors with pride and wields his storm bolter and power sword, he has removed his helmet so he can face his enemy, and so they can hear his primal scream as he cuts them down.

The Project is winding down and coming close to an end, here is a peek at a biker from a squad of bikes I am finishing up.

The last mini drawing will be Sunday the 18th, and that is also the last day to make your contribution, after the 18th at 7pm PST the Paypal link will close down and we will be gearing up for the big Army give away on Sunday July 25th, so stay tuned for more Storm Wardens updates!


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