Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Storm Wardens Multi Rhino

I couldn't decide which model to do, so I did all 3.

The Rhino is a versatile platform, and so is this model. I will let the winner decide how he wants to field it.

Option 1. Rhino.
seats 10, a great all around transport to get some troops into the action. Or how about 10 man Devastator Squad riding along with 2 big guns shooting out the top hatch as they go.

Option 2. Whirlwind
Pinning templates, no cover save, sometimes you need some extra support.

Option 3. Razorback with twin linked lascannon.
Seats 6, kills tanks. I thought this would go well with a small Devastator Squad. with a little walk around.

I still want to do a few more things with this, but I am setting it aside to get to work on some bikes to add to the force.

If you have not seen the finished models stacking up at the Storm Wardens army page, have a look and see what the grand prize is shaping up to look like, there you can also get a look at the virtual army picture, it grows as models are finished.

The clock is ticking and I have Storm Wardens to finish up.

Last day to contribute and be considered for the Army Grand Prize is, July 18th, and the winner will be announced July 25th.

I better get to work.



  1. Looks great! Love the resin casts you guys have done for the emblems.

    Would love to see how you magnetised the Rhino if you haven't done apost on it already.

  2. You've done a good job of making a versatile vehicle. I like it.

  3. Heh, Multi Rhino, love the term. Another great addition to the Storm Wardens.

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