Friday, August 6, 2010

The Barter Bucket can also work for you!

John and I wanted the host the Barter Bucket for one simple reason: our hobby always leaves us with extra stuff and finding happy owners without charging money seemed like the PERFECT way to connect people.

But the Barter Bucket relies on honesty.

And we cannot control the trades that our readers start up with each other. Below are two examples of what happened with trades through our bucket, one how NOT to do it and one that went PERFECT. I am not naming names in the first one.

A emails B and they agree on a trade. They sent pictures back and forth to make sure everything is cool and then finalize it. A sends of his part of the deal, a few weeks later. It arrives. But then there is nothing. A emails B. No answer. A emails again. Nothing. Then he gets a response. It will be there soon, sorry for the delay. Nothing. A gives up. Then, 6 months later a box shows up. Everything is there.

This is how not to trade with each other. Poor communication and total slacker behavior are really unnecessary AND unwanted at our Barter Bucket.

Here's is a trade that I did a few weeks back with Brian from The Innergeek. I needed Vampire Counts and posted on the bucket. Brian emails me and says he has got a bunch of stuff and if I have any IG things laying around. I take pictures of everything I have, he sends me a DETAILED list of his wares. We come to an agreement right away. I send off my package two days later with TRACKING NUMBER, Brian does the same. In the same week we both feel like it is Christmas.

That's the way to do it. There is so much to gain from the Barter Bucket, if you just abide by some simple rules. Be fair. Be efficient. Be punctual. Be precise. Be Honest.

Tomorrow is another Barter Bucket! make sure to check it out and tell your friends!



  1. Worked great for me so far, though I only got items, didn't even have to send anything in exchange!

  2. actually, i forgot to mention that completely! I have had a handful of donations through the bucket of people that gave me a model that they really had no use for. I myself have also sent off stuff for free. It makes sense to me.

  3. It was a great trade and your kind words are appreciated. I may be going through and consolidating projects soon. If so, I may end up with a good deal of stuff for the bucket in the future.

  4. I sent John a tone of stuff, including: 1 Vindicator, a FW mini, lots of DA's and pads.

    I in return got a horde of necron legs for my Iron Warriors and Iron Hands.

    she says blowing her own trumpet.

  5. "Not only am I the president, but I'm also a client."

    Seriously though, I'm so glad the bucket has access to so many great readers here at SCWH! I've received some great items, mailed off some items I didn't need, and had some great trades in the process.

  6. As soon as I get my BA DC returned to me I'll be putting 90% up on the bucket.

    Had to send it back due to a missing part.

    gone are the days of getting patrs from GW. :((