Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bishkek 2nd Veteran Squad takes the field

I have been working on this squad for a while now but got side tracked. Now the guys are done and ready to roll. It's an eclectic group with models from all editions, including some of the first storm troopers.
Here's the group. I wanted them all to be different, as to accentuate their elevated status and experience. They know best how to fight for the Emperor.
Here's the leader, Segeant Harker with his trusted Payback.
I like the actual Harker model just fine, but he looks a little too crazy to be in charge. This guy, from the Last Chancers model set, looks very cool and composed. His prisoner bracelet is hardly visible, which works out great. The bolter looks massive.
Here are his right hands, one with the vox.
These models are very old, plastic storm troopers. I added cadian arms and in one case a space marine head. The baret style really only works well if you keep it unique to one guy. The face of that guy had poor detail, but I still kept it. They have great, strong looking torsos.

Onto the the two daredevils of the group. These catachan demo guys work well in the veteran squad; I did remove the explosive on one of the models and gave him a close combat weapon.
The next three are all from the Ghosts model set. Col Corbec received a head swap with a regal looking head from the IG head set sprue.
And finally the two crazies: a catachan heavy flamer and Animal, the melta gunner from the Last Chancers. I couldn't remove his prison status, so I made him a prisoner with skill. Did give him some boots. In order to rebalance his body, I used a base with slight elevation.

That's it! Hope it inspires!



  1. Those guys look really good. My only real concern is making them look like a cohesive unit on the table, to avoid them getting mixed because they all look different.

    That, and I've always wondered about that Heavy Bolter model. How... does that work in the rules? Does he count as a smaller based Heavy Weapon Team? Does he pair up with another model to be his second wound? Do you just not have him actually have a Heavy Bolter?

  2. Artemi: This model is supposed to be Sergeant Harker, who gets to run around with a heavy bolter, without penalties. The name of this weapon is Payback, and it has special rules. See the codex, harker has his own page. He is a great character, I think.
    Thanks for the kind words.