Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hordes of Vormond: the finished Black Ghouls

My first unit for the Hordes of Vormond is done! After painting the test model (here), I worked off the other 9 models in a similar fashion.
I did change the grass a bit, adding to the GW burnt grass a pale green mossy grass that I got from John. Mixed in it gives the grass a bit more realism.
Here's the front rank of five, all on one base
My goal with this troop was to make them look scary and grim. I feel it worked out well, although the models themselves are already pretty nasty unpainted.
Adding a stone here and there always looks good
Here are the other 5
and all 10 of them next to each other. My 'studio' was too small for that one
And for the record, there is so much hype over what army is best and which one is weak, it kind of makes me tired. VC are pretty much the worst army now, but I could care less. Modeling and army with love and inspiration makes the journey towards on day fielding it a great experience. Everything else (like winning) I consider details..

Anyway, comments and critiques are welcome. I am pondering the next unit for this army.

Hope this inspires!


  1. I totally agree. I'm making an army of Lizardmen, and this'll be my first army for Fantasy. I don't care how it performs in tournaments, I want Terradons; cause flying dinosaurs are cool. I'm going to take my time, model some custom bases, and build it from the ground-up with love. When the time comes to roll dice, I'll be committed to finding a way to make this army work... and to me that's the best way to get the most out of an army and the hobby.

  2. Looks great! Don't give up hope on the VC, we just need to work a bit harder now.
    I'm boosting my ghouls into a horde because it seems the ghouls are the best cheap unit we can get now. You've inspired me to paint another 10!

  3. Nasty looking bunch, and I mean that in a good way!

  4. thanks all. Those words are heartening..
    I really enjoyed working on the ghouls. Not sure what's next, probably the zombies...
    That will be a project

  5. Upgrade your 'studio' to A3 ... its worth the expense.

    Nice work all round. I agree on the modelling front. Painting and building first, tactics and 'good' later.