Friday, August 20, 2010

SCWH latest venture

With John taking off today for Games Day in Baltimore to represent Santa Cruz Warhammer, I thought it would be a good idea to tell all of you about our latest project. After the StormWardens, John and I felt it was time to focus on the local and regional gamers as opposed to reaching a global audience. So we decided we are going to run monthly game nights in Santa Cruz, California. Our idea is to unite gamers from all walks of life and not just people that play Fantasy or 40K.
Gaming in general is a wonderful and social activity and we really don't care if you like to play chess or Magic or Mordheim. We want you to know there is plenty of people out there who love playing anything and maybe they want to try out something new.
That's what we want to promote. John has a complete collection of Wings of War airplanes and will show anyone how this game is played and then run some games. It's simple, fun and you get to move around cool toys. My daughters (6 and 11) love playing it with my wife and I after dinner...who says we would ever have time for the tellie or video games? In short, WoW is a great family game.
We will also have a bitz trading table AND for fun I am going to display the entire Bishkek 2nd.

Anyway, the flyer is right below. Anyone living in the area (Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose) should come and say hi. Maybe Mister Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures can come from Sacramento..that's not too far!
We would love help promoting this event, so if you live in the above mentioned area, print out this flyer and hand it out to your friends or post it in your local store!

Comments, ideas and questions are welcome, either below the post or at



  1. This is a wonderful idea and event, SCWH! I've been lucky living in NYC playing games with the nerdnyc folks and they started with a similar goal: get people together and play some games.

    Cause games are a blast!

  2. Next time I'm down in Cali, I'll make a point of stopping by!
    Great idea.
    Think globaly; act locally.

  3. While I would love (LOVE!) to do this it happens to fall on what is predicted to be my son's birthday. Of course kids are never born on the projected date but I suspect that travel will be out of the question for awhile :)

    Happy to post the news on the Secret Weapon FB page though - just let me know where to link.

  4. I'm so glad that you guys are doing this! I'm getting back into wargaming after a long break, and don't know anyone else in Santa Cruz who plays!

    I look forward to this event, and hopefully many more to follow!