Monday, August 2, 2010

Voytek and Nurgle Death Guard Raptor Squad

Well, I did some work to the Bear, but I have to say I am not really that exited about it.

He just looks a bit sad, more like a slave bear. I think the ammo crate looks ok, but I think this guy needs to be more aggressive looking.

I may try again with a handler, but I think I am going to finish the Vostroyan Command squad, and then figure out how to fit him in better, but for now I am tired of looking at him.

So, I think I will get some work done on my Death Guard.

I decided to bring these guys to Baltimore for my Games Day pilgrimage, so I have lots to do before then.

Earlier I did a post on a Nurgle themed Raptor for my Death Guard.

I now have five of these guys with two meltas and I think I may still give the champ a fist.

I planned to use them as tank hunters and to bring in deep striking stuff, or deamons. With so few models, I think I might try to keep them out of close combat, so then I wouldn't need the fist.

Any ideas?



  1. Maybe try to put something on the ground in front of the bear? Like for example dead guy. He would look like sad because of the casualty.

  2. I think the bear looks pretty good. I can see the sadness, but I don't think it's too... sad? Maybe it's war weary-ness? You could always seek out another bear mini, but I really think this one isn't too bad.

  3. Hi!

    Maybe you can use this miniature

    I was looking bear mounted cavalry and when I saw this miniature I thought about your problem with the sad bear.

    Hope this helps!