Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mike's Knight of Bal Timorea, part 1

I got really inspired by John's Knights of Bal Timorea and looked forward doing something cool. After thinking a bit I decided on a disillusioned knight, coming back from years of battle with the never ending ork hordes. I envisioned my hero to be grumpy, old, hurt and dirty and all his glamour from the olden days is gone. With him walks his servant, a guy he picked up on his travels and who carries his stuff.

here's the knight. I started with a Bretonnian leg set. on top of that a torso from the Vampire Counts Blood Knights. Very cool bitz and very easily made into 'good' guy-stuff.
The head is from the Imperial Guard Bitz Pack Bare heads, very useful, pick it up if you can.
The left arm holds the reigns for his horse. His right arm holds a shield, which is Bretonnian with an old lion bit John had laying around. I had to change the arm, because the shield had a left arm attached.
The horse is allright, I did damage some of the clothing
here's the servant. Again an IG head, looking down and out.
The body is from the Vampire Count Grave Guard, again easy to reuse in different armies.
The left arm is an old Bret bit.
The right arm that is holding the lance is actually from a LOTR Minias Tirith Towerguard set. Very useful as the elbow is exactly what I wanted.
The lance itself has an different flag on it, cut out from a Skeleton banner.

Here it is, I am super excited, hopefully you all got some inspiration from this!



  1. very colorful character there, and way to use those VC bitz :-)I'll need to get my knight posted up tonight too...

  2. That is an excellent conversion as well as a back story for your Knight. I love it!

  3. Nice work on the mix and match for conversions, I hadn't thought of using VC bits, but they really fit the theme of this knight very well. I'm debating doing something along the lines of a 'champion of the people' peasant knight, using bits and pieces from as many cavalry lines as possible.