Sunday, September 26, 2010

Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night = Success!

We love our small town but the smaller the town, the fewer options you have as a gamer. We don't have a GW store very close to us, and both of the local gaming shops are fairly small with limited room for tabletop gaming.

We have been getting emails here at the blog from local folks who want to meet up and play so we decided to step up and do something.

The local Community Hall was contacted and a room rented, and we figured "if we build it they will come."

I have to say that I was a bit worried that Mike and I would be the only people that showed up, we set some flyers out, and sent out some emails but it was a Friday night and we had not really got much feedback.

We packed up the cars with our gear and hoped for the best, and I am happy to say that we were very surprised by the great turnout.

I met lots of new people and had a lot of fun. Blog readers and local gamers wandered in through the night and we were happy to have them.

As usual, both Mike and I didn't remember to bring a camera to capture this momentous night, but luckily a nice guy named Josh snapped some pics and sent them to us.

I charged myself with running some Wings of War WWI games. I brought out a bunch of planes and was glad to have a couple of games with all new players.

There were two 40k tables running and a large table of Fantasy.

the fantasy table guys pouring over the new rules.

Mike's Bishkek Guard Vs Chaos Marines

It was great to see the owner of the local game store show up for our little game night. I even got in a game with him and had the pleasure of having my Focker DVII shot down by him.

I fumble with damage cards as my fighter goes down in flames.

Frank sold me my first Warhammer models a long, long time ago, he's a great guy with a real love for the hobby, and all types of games. I hope we get to do some fun stuff with Frank and Game A Lot in the future.

The Community Center worked out well and had lots of tables and gave us a really reasonable rate for 4 hours and the parking worked out well also.

Thanks to everyone that made it out, and supported some free local gaming.

With the success of our first attempt we are very much looking forward to the next game night in the end of October, stay tuned for the date and some new features.

If you have any input or ideas to make it even better, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

We had a great time and would like to encourage some of you readers out there try something like this in your town and get to meet up with some like minded players.



  1. Brilliant stuff.

    Glad your gaming group got off to a good start. i know where your coming from, i lived in a fairly big (for scotland) city and had multiple game stores and clubs but i have now moved to the middle of nowhere and live in a village of 2500 people, lol its a big change. hoping i can maybe find a group or start one but its a long shot.

    your night looked well good though.

  2. Congrats! We had to do something here in NC since 6 game stores have closed over the last few years. Our club is lucky as an owner of a very large warehouse (250,000sf) has allowed us to use an unused 3000sf section where we have 22 tables set up. We started using our area (known as the Cage) last summer and attendence has been up and down. The one problem is we can only use it on certain weekends but it is at least an area for the local gamers to get together. We never know how many people will show up as gamers in general are terrible at communicating.

    It takes a lot of work and commitment and I wish you guys all the best.

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  4. I am glad it worked out, looks like everyone is having a blast!

  5. Wow, this is really awesome, congrats guys. I would've made it out, well if weren't for the 3,000+ miles between us anyways. I hope you guys keep this going as a regular thing.