Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Santa Cruz Warhammer Gaming Night Coming Up!

This coming friday, September 24th, we will hold our first Santa Cruz Warhammer Gaming night at the Louden Nelson Center in Downtown Santa Cruz! We will play all kinds of games, including Fantasy and 40K, Wings of War and boardgames, like Settlers of Catan (which is totally addictive). Card Gamers are welcome as well.

We will help you play
John and I will be hosting games and we will have mentors for Fantasy, 40K and Wings Of War to help people get through a game in an easy and happy way. For Wings Of War we have many models available to play with, it would be great if everyone would be able to play a game new to them!
here's the Flyer, click on it to get a better read and print it out and help us promote this event.

Just letting all of you know, we won't charge anything to anyone and we are not out to make money! We just think games on a table are where it's at.

Painting Table and other modeling stuff
John has decided to create a painting table where everyone gets a FREE model and get's to paint it up and TAKE IT HOME!
Mike will be displaying his Bishkek 2nd Imperial Guard Army (which is an ongoing project); the idea is mainly to show how much pleasure a fully painted army can give you after putting in countless hours.

The evening is family friendly if you don't mind a bunch of geeks all having a good time.

here's a link to google maps for the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz. Please come and enjoy the company of lots of nice people!

Questions? Do you want to book a table for your Game? Email us!!
(both of us)

Hope to see you Friday!



  1. Sounds like fun, we need more of these events on this side of "the hill"! I'll try to sneak away and attend!

  2. sounds very cool. I used to live next door to there but since then have moved over the hill. Have fun maybe you can recreate the spirit of Slugathon.