Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knights of Bal Timorea - John's Heraldry Ideas

I have always had an interest in heraldry, so I figured I would look into my family's past for some heraldry for my model.

The Dickerman Family Crest

I figured I would try to paint it by hand, but the three tiny Half lions rampant were going to be really small, so I figured I would search around on the internet for some tiny heraldry icon decals that I could add to my freehand.

In my searching I came across Citadel Six. Geoff makes custom made to order decal sheets designed to fit GW Bretonnians. He was very helpful and worked with me to figure out what I would end up using.

I sent him my Father's Family crest and my Mother's family crest as I had the idea of marshaling or combining them. I was advised that the details would be tough to see at that scale so I decided to use my Fathers Family crest, but also add some of my Mom's to the decal sheets for future projects, I was so impressed with the quality that I decided to add some decals for foot troops also.

The Wilken Crest from my Mom's side.

Here is what I got in the mail.
Decal sheets and instructions, with application tips.

Here is my horse with some paint and barding in The Dickerman family livery of red and yellow.
I painted the shields white to prep them for the decals
I also laid down some Ard Koteon the shields to make it glossy for the decal area to be nice and smooth.

Stay tuned to see how the decals turned out.


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  1. Nice work on that horse - I like the split colours on the caparisons to match the main arms.
    Looks like a good service from Citadel Six too - I'm tempted!