Monday, October 18, 2010

Mike's Knight of Bal Timorea, part 4

After weeks of work on this model, it's slowly coming to fruition; painting the knight and placing him on his horse was very satisfying. As you all know, I wanted a knight who lost faith in the endless wars that the Bretonnian Lords are involved in and my idea was to have him ride back from another battle. Pondering countless lost comrades, he peers over the foggy lands, wondering why life went the way it did..

He has a scar on his forehead and his armour is old, battered and rusty.
Here is the post that explains the mish mash of bitz from Fantasy and 40K to make him look believable. The metal IG head set is awesome for bareheaded knights.

Next up the servant carrying his lance who will be walking next to him.
Hope you all enjoy this! Paint up a knight and get yourself posted on our blog!


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