Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bishkek 2nd Basilisk: part 5, shellshocked

OK, first of all, here's where the whole project is right now:
The story is simple. 3 guys are destined to be together in a trench, kind of out of the way and not in the frontline. They are doing some maintenance, some cleaning and other things soldiers do when they are not in a fight. Suddenly one of them sees something. He runs op to the trenchwall, hops on a few barrels and then signals his mates with his right hand.
(the model is Brin Milo from the Gaunt's Ghosts)
One of them leaves his work loading shells and runs over with his lasgun..(head: West Wind bare headed germans)
the third one just stares at his mate (GW)
Follow this? It's kind of fun to think up a story.

I built a bunch of sandbags out of green stuff (here's the tutorial on how to do that) and played around with the barb wire a bit
Here is a picture with all the bitz I am using. Click on it to make it bigger.
Below is a list with all the names and links of the products:
1. large weapon chests: Itars Workshop
2. barbed wire: Pegasus Hobbies
3. assortment of guns: Max Mini
4. Barrels (1/48 stowage kit): Tamiya
5. Wood Crates: Itars Workshop
6. Shells: we will get to that later

All this stuff will be incorporated into the diorama.

Shell Troubles
On to the shells. This is what they should look like:
But I cannot for the life of me find loose Earthshaker Shells for this Diorama. So I have pondered over all kinds of options, that could all work (kind of):
drywall plugs:
Robogear ammo
loaded ammo for concrete nail guns
I like these but what if one blows up a year from now?
They do look good..
And then Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures offered me some of his unreleased shells in the making:
Cool heh? They come in two parts. But he also said they are sized for a Vanquisher, so I am not sure if one guy can hold one of these bad boys..

So I am totally stuck. I have no shells that work, does anyone have a good idea? Can you buy Forgeworld bitz by themselves?



  1. How about the shells from the Baneblade or Shadowsword kits? If you don't have any handy, there are some bitz sellers who regularly list them.

  2. What the other Kevin said - I've grabbed some Baneblade shells in the past. They're a liiitle too big for the Basilisk barrel (but only 1mm or so in diameter) but I don't think anyone would notice.

  3. My recommendation is to use some 1/35 WW2 etched brass shells, like the ones on this page:

    They will be a little overscale, but could be cut down. Something like a Pak 40 or a Howitzer shell will probably look about right...


  4. PS - I'm loving this series, best bit of 40K blogging ive seen in a while :D

  5. thanks for the advice. I will check the size of the baneblade shells and Tristan offered some shells as well.
    Paul, thanks for the link, I will check that out AND thanks for the compliment. I have always admired your work. What's up the posting, not doing it anymore. Everyone else check out
    and check out some of Paul work, like the Krieg guy-in-trench.

  6. Actually here is that link for you all to see

  7. Hi Mike, thanks for the very kind words!
    TBH i've been ultra busy with work, moving house and then our roof fell in! So i've not had a minute free for blogging - not had a chance to do many models recently either :(

    But work is now done, i've moved house, the roof is back on and im on holiday from next week! So expect some new posts in the near future...

    In regards the 40K biker model, I do believe it was an imerpial guard biker yes :D

    All the best

  8. You should add some sheet/grid pattern 'metal' in a square on the ground underneath the gun.