Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Bishkek 2nd Basilisk: part 6: halfway there and painting!

Friends, the holiday weekend has given me some time to make substantial progress on the Bishkek 2nd Basilisk Battery. I painted the base, one of the soldiers and the gun itself. Here some some images to check out:

The gun is not finished but close and I haven't decided if I will add the shield on the front. The soldier is not glued down and I am playing with his position. I am tempted to put him up top to create some point of interest on the rather glum hill.
Here's the other side. The siding of the diorama looks a little ragged and I still have to paint it perfectly black.
From the back. I added nails to the wood and made them look old and worn, the same with the ammo storage. On advice of a reader, I am going to add a metal platform to the base, about the size of the gun. The base itself will be finished last of all, when all the stowage is added. I will add sand and paint it on the spot...
top view. Realize how much room I gained by removing the base structure (see post 2)
The gun is weathered, which I love to dabble with. This time it is very simply done. Here's the order
1. camo
2. devlan mud wash
3. red/orange/brown mix, spunged on LIGHTLY
4. dark grey spunged on for damage
5. add silver highlights in the grey, only on edges
6. black wash in oily parts
7. after that I spunged on the light beige colour on parts of the camo and the grey damage, to lighten the effects of it a bit
(click on it to see it better)
Where there is a lot of wear, I added some more metal highlights. Remember the plastic card strip that I added to the base in post 2? Now you can see why; having edges to work with in painting really helps you make the model get line and shape, here's after
and before
Here as well: I added an old hubcap in post 2 into the back of the barrel WITH extra rivets, which gives you more opportunities to make it look good in paint. You will be glad for the extra effort. Again here's after...
and before
Here is our lone soldier. Check out the bareheaded German heads from West Wind, they are excellent for Guard, as are a lot of other heads in that range.

More next week!



  1. SO GOOD!
    This whole Bishkek army is such an inspiration to me.

  2. Wow, now that's what you call an update. I've got to say, your weathering techniques have really come on, I'm very envious!

    Can't wait to see what you add next mate.

  3. This project is shaping up really well. It's a shame the base didn't fit as those legs looked awesome but you have done a really great job of making the gun look rooted to the spot.

    Looking forward to seeing more progress!

  4. Its looking good mate. I have to agree, the gun does need something on its base. But then the gun may look to big for the diorama. An option might be increasing the footprint of the diorama as a whole, but that of course may be a lengthy and time consuming process!!

  5. I know this might be a little late. Forge World sells shells for lots of different guns check out

    Check those out if you are still looking.

  6. all of you: thanks for the constructive comments. I have actually changed quite a few things based on comments.
    Esty: that comments makes my day. it is all about inspiring others or being inspired.
    Gungrave: I have created a metal base, that you can see in the next post
    Michael: I have resolved the shell situation: I need Vindicator shells! Also, a suprise rush of creativity coming up in the next pose

  7. That poor guardsman is going to be deaf once that gun fires!