Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Swap Meet Haul

Saturday morning I rolled out early to drive over the mountain into San Jose to hit up the Game Kastle Swap Meet.

I really enjoy these things and can't wait to find a bargain.

I was a bit worried as it was raining and normally some of the tables set up outside, so I thought there may be less folks selling.

I am always on the lookout for rare stuff and good deals, and had some luck and found these bargains.

A box of 20 skeletons $15, old imperial guard griffon bits $5, a Forge World Salamander and titan crew$15, and a blown up 15mm building for flames of war $2.

a bunch of hills, all for $5, and other pre-made older GW terrain for 2 bucks each( great deals that will help out with our game nights)

a pack of the Baal conversion bits for the Predator $5, a Steel legion soldier and commissar $5, Mad Doc Grotsnic $2, a pair of Killer cans $2 each, a pair of ninjas with bows (free), White Dwarf 30th aniv. model $10, and the Games day 2007 orc and goblin mini $10.

Forge World Great Knarloc with Bolt thrower $30, Tau tiger shark $40 and two Baracudas $20 each

converted first Pattern Land Raider for 10 bucks ( I think I will strip it and use it for my Nurgle)

and an Armorcast Reaver Titan, minus head $100 ( I think I will look for a skull or make a nurgly head, if they get past the Warhound, this guy should slow them down)

I had a great time and met some nice folks, also got to meet the owner of the store and say thanks for having a cool store and putting on great swap meets.

I ran into a friend from Santa Cruz, we checked out each others scores and then went to grab some lunch.

Great day.



  1. The Tau flyers - what a steal!

  2. Great loots you got there. For the titan, you can find various alternate heads for them on ebay, including one that's skull-shaped.

  3. We don't get stuff like that where I live :( You should do a competition for some of this, or sell some of it on the blog. I'd buy almost everything there.