Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another baby tank!

I started this blog with the idea that maybe some of John's and my ideas would inspire other modelers to make stuff outside their comfortzone, just as all the blogs we read inspire us to do stuff that we can't think up ourselves or don't know how to do.
A few days ago I received an email from a reader: Adam Allasandrini. He wrote that the evening he read the SCWH post about the baby tank from the Bishkek 2nd, he went down to business and built up his own vision of this idea. Here is his tank:
Here is his idea:
" read your article the other day and that night I started my own baby tank. I based it on sort of the modern robot tanks that are starting to be tested for the military, along with that I just added cargo to make it somewhat useful to my guardsmen."

Hopefully Adam will play with it and make up some rules, although I think this tank could be the first Rough Rider in Mech rider squad.
To see more of Adam's work go here

Thanks for sharing and making me really happy that some of the stuff that we write up here becomes a great model on a distant tabletop. If you have something to show that was inspired by SCWH, drop us a line at



  1. Great scratch build but I think the tank would be high-centered(defeated) by a curb or speedbump. I like the tank but it needs to be a bit higher from the tracks to allow it any real mobility. I guess you can use the similar rules to the tracked bombs where the operator has to be within 24 inches(?) and in line of sight to operate. Would be good in a city battle scene with the operator located in a building for pop-out attacks.

    Does Adam have a blog as the link was to his flickr account.

  2. Cute! Could also work just using it as a Heavy Weapon Team.

  3. Reminds me of a tracked version of the M274 MULE from the vietnam war.