Saturday, January 1, 2011

Barter Bucket: Saturday, January 1st 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Barter Bucket!

Almost two years ago this little orphan bucket made its humble debut. Now it's helped get over 2.3 million bits into the hands of eager gamers all over the world and as far away as the International Space Station! It continues to grow and thrive, and thanks to its established home here at SCWH, its only gotten better.

The Barter Bucket has one purpose; gamers helping other gamers. Hard-to-find bits, regular pieces, and whole models is what in the details. The Barter Bucket is a place to
trade in your old stuff for new, or to get that one piece you need without buying it as part of a much more expensive kit or especially as an overpriced single bit. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of our gaming community as a whole.

If you see something below you can help out with, or see something you're interested in picking up,
please contact the individual directly through their listed email address.

eosanalpha at is looking for:
  1. Saint Celestine's sword arm
  2. Sisters of Battle bits
  3. Black Templars bits
  4. Dark Angle robed bodies
For trade they have:
  1. IG stuff (bags and bags of Cadian and Catachan bits, just ask)
  2. Space Marine items
  3. Tau Empire items
slava.dark at has a large list of both wants/needs as well as a lot of great items to offer in trade. I've got some summaries below, in the interest of brevity it's best if you contact them directly for specifics. They're looking for:
  1. Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators
  2. Tyranid Trygon / Mawloc box (up to 2)
  3. Tyranid Venomthrope (up to 2)
  4. Ork Flash Git with Targeting Squig
  5. Dark Angel Standard Bearer
  6. WM Pirate Mercenaries
  7. Hordes Trollbloods
They have *tons* to offer in trade, here's a sample:
  1. Babylon 5 spaceships, lots
  2. Babylon 5 rulebooks
  3. Forge World Black Templar Terminator bits
  4. Forge World Black Templar Land Raider bits
  5. Forge World Black Templar Rhino bits
  6. Tau, Imperial Guard, and more
skullcano at gmail has yet to complete a Barter Bucket trade! Let's make their holiday dreams come true people! They're looking for:
  1. IG Leman Russ Demolisher turrets, x2
they have:
  1. Space Marines bits on sprue, including attack bike stuff
  2. Chaos Bloodletters
  3. CSM bits on sprue
  4. OOP Metal Space Marines, and more, just ask!
hobbies at is looking for the following:
  1. 60mm Round Bases (flat variety), x12
hardmanal at is looking for:
  1. SM x30 jump packs (with or without marine)
  2. SM Special/Assault weapons (flamer, melta gun, plasma, hand flamer, infernus pistol, etc...)
  3. SM Bikers (scout, regular, attack, independent character)
  4. SM Land Speeders (any variant)
For trade:
  1. Genestealers from new space hulk set
  2. Various other bits
srbuman at is looking for:
  1. Bionic Bits (any besides heads with a bionic eye)
  2. 2nd edition plague marines (metal or plastic)
  3. OOP Leman Russ Turrets
  4. whirlwind turret (current plastic one or second edition metal one)
  5. melta guns
  6. used guitar strings
  7. plastic devastator lascannons
  1. 6 lbs of warhammer bits, consisting of mainly Chaos space marine, and Space marine bits but i have lots and lots of other stuff too, ask there is a chance they have it (or can get it)
  2. 5th edition bretonian army book
  3. Iron hands shoulder pads
  4. large bag of 5th edition plastic saurus warriors (not in the best condition but still usable)
  5. if anyone wants to just trade bits, then you can trade a random bag of your bitz for a random bag of theirs. Just be sure to tell them if you want to trade a 1/4, 1/2, or full baggie
chaplinaustin at is going old school and needs your help! They're looking for:
  1. Rogue Trader era Space Marines (any)
  2. 2nd edition Tyranids
  3. Rogue Trader era Space Marine Dreadnoughts
jackal at has some requests this week and needs:
  1. Ork Kannon with crew x 3 - any condition
  2. Ork Zzap Gun with crew x3 - any condition
  3. Ork Power Klaws
  4. Mega Armoured Orks - any condition
  5. I need some of the extra branches from the Citadel Woods kit
  6. Cowled Necrarch Vampire on foot

For Trade:

  1. Space Marine Bits (Just ask I may have it)
  2. Various Eldar bits/models
  3. Cadian Mortar teams (x3)
av8hotrod at (SCWH's John) is after:
  1. A copy of the new Battle for Skull Pass Fantasy small rules booklet to buy or trade.
mike.tess at (SCWH's Mike) is looking for
1. unbuilt or at least unpainted Landraiders, he needs two of them for his new Space Wolf Terminator Project. Old or new model are both great. He has an entire Ork Army (as featured on this blog) for trade.
I'm Gyro of Mik's Minis, welcome! To participate, all you need to do is send me an email to miksminis at listing what you are looking for, or have as surplus that might help someone else out with. It's a lot of fun, and you really can save lives for the cost of two Chaos Marine backpacks and a single meltagun per day.

Make sure your email is in list form with
plenty of detail, including the quantities of each you're looking for and quantities of what you have. Emails received by Thursday will post that weekend here at SCWH, otherwise they'll get queued up for the following week. Thanks, and remember, change comes from within...your bits box!


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  1. Just an update on mine for jackal at

    I no longer need items 3,4 or 5