Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deathwing Project Update - Budget Thunder Hammers ?

In order to expand my Deathwing, I figured with all the new hype over the updated Thunder Hammer / Storm Shields I would add a few more.

I am not sure if they will all be in the same squad, or if I will sprinkle them around a bit, but the end result will be 5 more Terminators.

I was in the area so I decided to swing by my favorite FLGS Game Kastle today, I thought I might grab a box of assault Termies.

$50. for 5 termies with hammers/shields and some extra claws.

I like the poses of the new plastics, but that's a big lump o cash and I have a bunch of termie stuff at home that I need to use up.

Black Reach Termies are getting 10-15 bucks a set ( I have a few sitting around ) and the big shield does a pretty good job hiding the slightly more boring models.

I found a cool box of big resin shields with Dark Angels looking robed angel motifs made by Hi Tech Miniatures, only 4 shields $11.25

Next I grabbed a blister of hammers from Max Mini, 10 resin hammers $9.00 ( only needed 4, but will have some for the next batch)

I also picked up another 5 of the Forge Craft Highland Crag resin bases I am using for my Deathwing troops, 5 bases $6.50

Here is everything I bought, with my left over terminators.

So even if you pay
$15.00 for the Black Reach Termies
$11.25 for the shields
$9.00 for the hammers

you are still only at $35.25 for 5 termies, a savings of $14.75 and you will have 6 spare hammers.( good as I have a few extra shield bits I want to play around with.

for the $50 box set you get 5 THSS sets, 5 pairs of extra claws and better poses.

Next up, building the models.



  1. I'm looking forward to see how you going about attaching the Shields to the Blackreach Termy arms.

    I'm trying to find a way to do a storm shield for my second Belial and I haven't figured out anything yet.

  2. The resin selection at Game Kastle is fantastic. I window shop those displays on a regular basis.

  3. Shaper-

    I am removing the fist and using a forearm from a regular marine arm pinned to the shoulderpad and with a blob of greenstuff with ribs as the elbow/flex coupling.

    These shields are HUGE perhaps a bit too, but they hide the arm pretty well.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. Very cool bitz and idea. I especially like those hammers and look forward to seeing them in place.

  5. I did the same thing for my Black Templars using:

    -Black Reach Termies (got an uncut sprue thrown in as a freebie when I bought a complete army from someone)

    -Forge World Templar storm shields ($12)

    -Thunder hammers from a bitz seller ($12)

    -Space Wolf shield arms from eBay (much cheaper, w/ hardly any Wolf iconography to remove) - $7

    -Resin Templar Knight shoulderpads from Scibor Minitures ($7) I'm at $38, I've got lots of resin-y Templar goodness, and I didn't need to figure out how to rig the shield arms (which I really wanted to avoid). I also chopped up and re-posed all but one of the termies so the poses were a lot more interesting...