Monday, January 31, 2011

A fun little project coming up!

I asked John to come up with his top ten all time favorite models from GW (Forgeworld excluded) and rank them from 10 to 1. I did the same without disclosing anything about our choices. Next week we will start posting about them, telling a bit about why we like our choices.
It was VERY hard to narrow it all down to 10 but very fun (and contentious). We will post every day for ten days, starting next Monday. We hope you will enjoy it and invite you all to comment kindly or harshly.



  1. Cool idea Mike, I look forward to chuckling each day ; )

  2. Pretty cool idea! I am looking forward to seeing the choices and reading why you each chose them.

  3. I 'm sharpening my tongue to get it ready to give you guys a strong verbal lashing as is appropriate on the web these days. Seriously however, that sounds like a great idea. Kind of like the Hall of Fame articles in White Dwarf.