Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knights of Bal Timorea - Unit Pics and Winner!

After traveling hundreds of miles from all across the realm, the Knights of Baltimorea have assembled at the Castle of the Holy Cross ( Santa Cruz) . The first sons of the High Kings have formed up to battle their common foes.

Some pics of all the Knights. Click on the pics for big images, I took the liberty of matching all the base edges, to make them look cohesive.

and as a real Fantasy formation

I would like to thank all of the guys that built a model for this project, and sent them in.

1. Gyro of Mik's Minis,
2. PapaJJ from DiceRolla
3. Meatball from My Dice Hate Me
4. Alex from One Inch Warriors
5. Elbrun from Painting Sanctuary
6. Ron from From The Warp

Using a random number generator at and the above list, we have selected;

#4. Alex from One Inch Warriors

Alex will receive,
all the Knights of Baltimorea
a new Bretonnian army book
enough bits for 2 more knights
a standard bearer
a Pegasus Knight Hero

That is just enough to have a legal army list and a great start on a new army.

Thanks again every one and congrats to Alex!



  1. Yes, congrats to Alex.
    Looks like the start of a very cool army.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Congrats to the winner!

    pretty cool bunch of models you've won! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats to Alex! Kudos to all who participated, those all look great.

  4. a brilliant idea come to fruition, congrats to Alex and well done to all the painters.

  5. Wow, those guys all look great as a single unit, congrats again Alex!

  6. What a beautiful looking unit, congratulations Alex :)

  7. I just nearly jumped out of my chair reading that! This unit looks so amazing, I'm honored to have won it!

    Soon they'll be crusading across the battlefields of Southern California! I already making big plans for them - I have a friend who has a Brettonian army and we've been talking about playing in a doubles tournament. It looks like my half of the army just got started!

    Thanks to everyone who painted a knight, your efforts will go to good use.

  8. congrats Alex and thanks for the gallant comment. We love to hear you are going to actually use them.

  9. I'll have to use them as Grail Knights - to reflect their reputation and elite status!!

  10. Congratulations on winning! A good unit to build an army around. Everyone did a great job on their knight.

  11. Congrats to all the participants. Is this going to be a yearly event?

  12. Congratulations to Alex for winning and to all the other guys for putting together such a cool looking bunch of knights. Way to go, everyone! I too hope you consider doing something like this in the future, I had a really fun time participating and would gladly do so again.

  13. Thanks everyone, and yes we will do something like this again, perhaps a 40k version next time.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer