Saturday, January 1, 2011

Space Wolves: from Black Reach to Arjac Rockfist

First of all, I finished painting Logan Grimnar, but don't have suitable bases for the army yet, so I made some inquiries with Mr. Justin and his Secret Weapon Miniatures to chat basing options. I chose the runic mountain ones (yes, with straight edges!) and once they are in, I will show you this HQ.

Anyway, in the meantime I was flipping through the Space Wolf codex and my eye fell on this image:
Arjac Rockfist, the Champion of Logan Grimnar. I like the picture and the anvil on top of his terminator armour and I decided on the spot to make this model, damn the consequences.
I threw this together in about an hour or so and I think he looks suitable.
Here are the different parts:
1. body of Black Reach Terminator
2. torso of Wolf Guard
3. arms of Wolf Guard
4. I changed the head of the hammer. One of the arms in the Wolf Guard set had the hammer attached, but I liked the Wolfhead hammer better, so I swapped that out.
5. The anvil above his head is a hammer head, the little anvil is from my Dwarf bitz box. Since this picture I have removed the little white piece of plastic to bring down the anvil a bit.
6. the little hammer with wings on his shin is also from the Dwarf bitz box
7. the head is from the regular Ultramarines Terminator set. I don't care too much for the bearded heads.
8. the wolftooth necklace I put around his waist instead and comes from the flamer in the Wolf Guard Set.

Now, I know there are way better and utterly amazing builds of this character, using lots of greenstuff and require some major talent. This blog is not meant for that: I feel this was an easy and fun conversion that will suit me (and hopefully more Wolf Players) just fine.

After all that, the rules look allright for this guy, so I guess he will be leading my Assault Terminator Squad in my Tiny SW army. Can you believe he can throw his axe with S10 AP1 and it comes flying back to him like a boomerang, just in time for the close combat phase? Amazing stuff GW thinks up sometimes..

Hope it all inspires!


  1. Mike,

    I think that is a pretty damn good conversion, thanks for sharing how you did it!

  2. Looks cool. I think the little dwarf anvil is a really cool bit and really makes this model. I would consider removing the big (hammerhead) anvil under it and just leaving the little anvil detail. Great conversion! How many models do you think this army will have?

  3. Excellent conversion! One of the most striking I have seen. I can't see from this angle but his shield is special too in the fluff. Have you done something with it as well?

  4. Night Runner: no I haven't done anything different with his shield, but I haven't built my other terminators yet and am thinking of giving them smaller shields.
    Michael: I thought about using just the little emblem, but in the end I wanted him to stand out more on the battlefield. So i kept the thing a bit bigger. He is almost painted up.