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Barter Bucket: 2/12/11

A Barter Bucket You See Before You!

Twenty-seven years ago this little orphan bucket made its humble debut. Now it's helped get over 4.3 million bits into the hands of eager gamers all over the world and as far away as the International Space Station! In 1997 it was even a runner up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Today it continues to grow and thrive better than ever, and thanks to its home here at SCWH, the bucket has only gotten better.

If you see something below you can help out with, or see something you're interested in picking up,
please contact the individual directly through their listed email address.

volthorne at has:
  1. Space Marine Commander (x1, plastic, paint needs stripping)
  2. Tons of Tau Crisis Suit weapons
  3. Elf marauders (x2, metal, unpainted)
  4. Waywatcher (x1, metal, unpainted)
  1. Tau Crisis Suit parts (torsos, legs, feet, medium bases)
  2. Tau Piranhas

edwardalbertiv at aol dot com wants:
  1. Bits Wanted for building Mordheim warbands:
  2. Storm Vermin arms
  3. Goblin fanatic arms/ball and chain/weapons (6-8)
  4. Squigs of any sort (3-5)
  5. Empire Flagellants bodies/heads (2-3)
  6. Skink Great Crest heads/bodies (4-6)
  7. Dark Elf Corsair (any)
  8. Nurgles (any)
  9. Ogres body/arms(any)
  10. Rat Ogres (any)
  11. random bits off fantasy buildings/vehicles/weapon platforms (any)
  12. Tomb Kings (any)
  13. Female Witch or Wytch elf heads (9)
  14. Beastmen bits (any)
  15. Chaos Marauder left arms with weapon(4)
  16. Tyranids bits for use in creating Possessed
  17. Chaos warrior horse body (1)
Have to trade:
  1. Clan Rat right arms Spear/melee weapons (ball socket type)
    Dryad extra branches
    Casting from Hirst Arts Molds # 50, 52, 60

lordshaper at lordshaper dot com wants:
  1. Epic Terminators (more if possible), x10
  2. Tau Crisis Suit Missile Launchers, x3
  3. 40mm bases, x10

farseerelorrah at gmail dot com
  1. Exorcist/Immolator model or conversion kit.
  2. Eldar Warlocks
  3. Eldar Warp Spiders/Exarch
  4. Tyranid Venomthrope
  5. Genestealer Hybrids/Magus
  6. Bastion parts
  7. Space Hulk tiles
  8. Female Imperial guardsmen
  9. Old style predator sponsons
  10. Imperial guard weapons and crew on wheel mounts
  11. Sisters of Battle with flamers
  1. Spore Mines (x2) (NiB)
  2. Bloodbowl Minotaur (NiB)
  3. Skink Warchiefs (NiB)
  4. Tenenhauin (NiB)
  5. Bloodletter Champion (x2) (NiB)
  6. LotR Rohan Capt Foot and Mounted (NiB)
  7. LotR Theodred Foot and Mounted (NiB)
  8. LotR Wood Elf Command (NiB)
  9. LotR Sharku Foot and Mounted (NiB)
  10. LotR Orc Trackers (NiB)
  11. Necromancers Foot and Mounted (NiB)
  12. Tyranid Biovore w/ spore mines (NiB)
  13. 3x Space Marine Chaplain w/out Jump Pack (NoS)
  14. Space Wolf RunePriest (NiB)
  15. Dice tins of 40k Vehicle dice (Marines, Orks), and Fantasy Counters (x2) (NiB)
autcahst at yahoo dot com wants:
  1. Cygnar Warjacks
  2. Cygnar Squire
  3. Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster Alternate
  4. Cygnar or Khador starter box
  5. Khador Warjacks
  6. Khador Manhunter Alternate
  7. Khador Man O Wars
  8. Khador War Dog
  1. The following are all Cygnar units:
  2. x6 Classic Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
  3. x6 Long Gunners
  4. x10 Classic Trenchers
  5. x10 Stormguard
  6. Trencher Chain Gun Crew
  7. x6 Sword Knights
  8. x10 Percursor Knights
  9. Allister Caine Warcaster
  10. Captain Victoria Haley Warcaster(original sculpt)
  11. Commander Coleman Stryker Warcaster(original sculpt)
  12. 'Siege' Brisbane Warcaster
abschleicher at yahoo dot com wants:
  1. Space Marine Drop Pods
  2. WHFB Dwarf Artillery
  1. Imperial Guard army
  2. Bretonnian army
  3. large bits assortment
srbuman at gmail dot com wants:
  1. OOP Leman Russ Turrets
  2. whirlwind turret (current plastic one or second edition metal one)
  3. melta guns
  4. used guitar strings
  5. plastic devastator lascannons
  1. 7+ lbs of warhammer bits, consisting of mainly Chaos space marine, and Space marine bits but they have lots and lots of other stuff too, ask there is a chance they have it (or can get it)
  2. warhammer fantasy 5th edition bretonian army book
  3. Iron hands shoulder pads
  4. if anyone wants to just trade bits, then you can trade a random bag of your bitz for a random bag of theirs. Just be sure to tell them if you want to trade a 1/4, 1/2, or full baggie
  5. (6) thousand-sons chaos marine chest pieces
  6. (5) Thousand-sons chaos marine shoulder pads
  7. (2 pair) thousand-sons chaos space marine arms
  8. 1 ork lobba without crew
av8hotrod at yahoo dot com (SCWH's John) is after:
  1. A copy of the new Island of Blood Fantasy small rules booklet to buy or trade.
mike.tess at charter dot net (SCWH's Mike) is looking for:
  1. Space Marine Landraiders, x2 unbuilt or at least unpainted, old style or new (for his new Space Wolf Terminator Project)
He has to trade:
  1. an entire Ork Army (as featured on this blog)
miksminis at gmail dot com (SCWH's Gyro) is looking for:
  1. Anything to be able to pass as "Space Dwarves" (Scrunts, Squats, Chaos Squats, Gymn, etc.)
  2. Blood Bowl Dwarf Linemen, x4 (any sculpt)
  3. Space Wolf Codex
for trade he has:
  1. *lots* of bits, just ask
  2. Rackham fantasy (metal)
  3. x40 converted (unpainted) IG Cadians and Catachans
  4. Imperial Guard Codex
  5. Eye of Terror Codex
I'm Gyro (also of Mik's Minis), welcome! To participate, all you need to do is send me an email to miksminis at gmail dot com listing what you are looking for, or have as surplus that might help someone else out with. It's a lot of fun, and you really can save lives for the cost of two Chaos Marine backpacks and a single meltagun per day.

The Barter Bucket has one purpose; gamers helping other gamers. Hard-to-find bits, regular pieces, and whole models are what's in the details. The Barter Bucket is a place to trade in your old stuff for new, or to get that one piece you need without buying it as part of a much more expensive kit or especially as an overpriced single bit. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of our gaming community as a whole.

Make sure your email is in list form with
plenty of detail, including the quantities of each you're looking for and quantities of what you have. Emails received by Thursday will post that weekend here at SCWH, otherwise they'll get queued up for the following week. Thanks, and remember, change comes from within...your bits box!


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