Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A large blogroll; finally

We have finally added a large blogroll to our site. We have set it up so a lot of blogs will show and people don't have to worry about their blog disappearing after a few minutes. So feel free to scroll down and check out your fellow gamers and modelers stuff.

If you want to get added to this blogroll, email
Mike at mike.tess@charter.net
John at av8hotrod@yahoo.com




  1. Thank you for putting me on your blog roll. It is an honour. Do you have a banner I can put on my blog so I can link it to your site? It is the least I can do.

  2. The blogs that are up, are a few that have stood out enough for me to subscribe to them at some point as I was scrolling threw blogrolls and lurking around, something I will admit I do not do enough of.

    I am sure I have missed some great blogs, so please let us know so we can get you up there and get some traffic your way.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Thank you for adding my blog to the roll!! ;D

    See you around!

  4. I feel like I need to do an SCW-esque post in order to honor my position on the blog roll as well!

  5. hey, I am not going to stop you guys from throwing rose petals at us, have at it!
    Since we posted this snippet, we have added about 20-25 more blogs, so keep it coming. I have actually been enjoying browsing through it and found some fun things. thanks all for working hard at your blogs and sharing it with kindred souls