Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Local Events - We're There!

We have been marking our calenders, and getting out to meet other local gamers in the area.

Thursday evening found us in some new digs for the SCW invitational game night. Glenn had us over for some food and gaming in a nice new private club house.

We had four game tables of 40k. My Deathwing had a game vs Rueben's marines, and I somehow managed a draw. Reuben has a great grasp of the rules and I thank him for bearing with me as I fumbled along.

Just before both my Land Raiders exploded.

Friday I was off to San Jose to meet up with The hosts of the Independent Characters podcast, along with some other listeners from the area, I dropped in at Harry's Hofbrau for food, drink and Warhammer talk.

Everyone was super nice, I was afraid it might be weird walking into a room full of strangers, but Geoff and Carl were great hosts and the guys were very nice introductions flew like stormbolter shots.

I was surprised by how many of them had seen, and wanted to talk about stuff from the blog. I guess someone is reading this stuff.

The room was nice and private, and we all agreed it would make a great place for a tournament in the future.

Carl (center) hamming it up with a couple of listeners.

I also got a hands on look at the K R Multicase system

Next up, we will be off to Game Kastle Feb. 5th to sit in on Justin's Secret Weapon Miniatures Vehicle Weathering Seminar, as much as we have interacted with Justin, this will be the first time we get to meet in person.



  1. Wow... Sounds and looks like good times!

  2. Ok... That previous was made with my wife´s Google account, Sorry :)
    So now I´ll say it: "Wow... Sounds and looks like good times!"

  3. Hey John, that is Carl from the Independent Characters. ;)

    Now I am even more bummed I couldn't make the IC meet-up.


  4. I'm super jealous about that secret weapon thing (sounds super fun).

  5. I can't wait to meet everyone on Saturday. It's going to be a blast. I'll be the guy in the Secret Weapon t-shirt, of course.

  6. Random comment but that is a nice picture of those guys. Genuine photos are hard to catch and so are smiles at times ;)