Friday, February 25, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #1 - Kitbashes and Conversions

Welcome to the kick-off for the SCWH Honor Roll!  Each week, I'll bring you some of the best hobby-related content on the web brought together for your convenience.  This week we're focusing on those amazing Conversions and Kit-Bashes I've seen.

Without further ado, this weeks dose of awesomeness, in no particular order:

Squirrel_Fish's  Sgt. Telion
Old School Terminator's WIP Tervigon
j-hova's Librarian Dreadnought
Karitas's Nurgle Daemon Prince
Teek's Weirdboy
Zenos's Lamenters Chaplain
Man Boy Genius's Stormraven
The LeadHead's Venerable Dreadnought
G.N.O.M.E.'s Black Templar Neophytes
Mordian7th's Necromunda Gang

Mike and John will also be choosing a single post each that stood out to them and adding it to the list.

Mike: I went outside the Kit Bashing theme this time as I really wanted everyone to check out scratchmod
This is taking weathering to a new level. Enjoy!

John: For my first honor roll post I will stay on the kit bash topic, and since there has been some buzz about Ron putting FTW into limbo, I think I will choose this "Rifleman" Mortis Dred. at his new lower key blog.

I am also going to go off track a bit here and mention Realm of Lead Addictions Charity Blood Bowl team that is just too cool and all the $ goes to Unicef. Someone please buy it, I don't play Blood Bowl.

That rounds out our 1st Honor Roll! There was some amazing work out there, thanks to everyone out there leaving me in awe with your hard work and creativity. Please be inspired and take some time working on your own projects.



  1. Thanks for the nod, guys! There's some awesome work to be found on the blogs you've listed this week. Good stuff all around!

  2. Great job guys I just added like 7 blogs to my reading list :)

  3. Thid time was about conversions, what would be for next week?
    Maybe you can tell it every Friday, to help recommending some links during the week?


  4. Mordian7th/Tristan: Glad you liked!

    Nesbet: I think next week is going to be focused on Green Stuff and some of the really cool stuff I've been seeing some people do with it.


  5. Rob, thanks for including me on the Honor Roll! I am ... honored! Hopefully the model lives up to the hype I have put on it by trying to be the first!

    BTW, SCWH is 10x more awesome with a blogroll. Thanks for continueing in Ron's footsteps in your own way!

  6. Wow, thanks for the nod guys.
    I appreciate the recognition!


  7. Thanks for the nod guys, really appreciate it.

    It still boggles my mind that I'm sat here in the midlands of the uk and somneone out there in Santa Cruz can see my little green men and pass comment.

    Gotta love the interwebz.

  8. Thankyou for the Nod guys!

    Really made me feel good. Thanks!!