Friday, February 18, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 1

We have arrived at the number one: the best GW model of ALL TIME according to Mike and John from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Let's go:

After all this agonizing over what ten models should be in this very personal list, picking my number one was surprisingly easy:

Ghazkhkull Thraka
This model is so splendidly brutal, so scary and so big, it is just impossible to resist its allure. The sculpt is absolutely glorious, the mech parts look real, his face so realistic and his oversized tools of the trade look competely believable. Thraka is posed like a man on a mission and lacks the 'stupid' look that many Ork models have; this Ork is no laughing matter. His design fits his fluff perfectly and his huge bulk looks completely in place in the universe of 40K. It really is my favorite model.

Sculptor: Brian Nelson

The Sangunior
When I saw this model, I had to buy it.
He's a golden angel that flies with giant wings and has cool scrolls trailing from him and a pimp cup.
I don't even play Blood Angels, and I had to buy this model.
What a cool pose, epic and Christ like. the model is floating in the air supported by those cool scrolls.
In my opinion this really shows how GW has progressed in the quality of the models they are offering.
Gone are the days of simple and cartoonish sculpts and these new super detailed models are taking over.
I can't wait to see what comes next, these models are mini works of art, and I get to throw paint at them and bring them to life.

Sculptor: Juan Diaz

That brings this little series to a close. Thanks for checking in and following along with us, I hope we were able to show some of you some great models you might have missed.

As you can see there is a lot of good stuff out there and I think it is just getting better, and I am exited about the future. Next week we will share with you some of our almost-made-it-in the Top Ten of All time, a group of models that we will thrown in a post on monday. That's all for now!

Mike and John


  1. When my cousin started his Ork army, he bought the Thraka model thinking it was a Deff dread, he had no idea it was a character model!

  2. This has been an excellent collection of posts of which I know must have been some hard decision making. I really enjoyed the showcasing of some of the best GW has ever done!

  3. Nice job guys, I have enjoyed your posts though I have to admit calling the best models ever and then only including GW models is kind of wrong. Bes GW models ever, cool. But you guys go outside the box all the time to non-gw stuff. I'd be interested to see you top 10 ever from any company sometime.

  4. I'm with Meatball... it's been an enjoyable series for me as well.

  5. Surprising choices at the top there, as I'd say some of the models lower in the top ten are more impressive, but it's all about personal choice at the end of the day.

    I'm not fond of the Ghazghkull figure; like many modern ork models he's all about bulk over personality and if anyone should exude personality it's Ghazghkull, but I suppose he is better than the second edition version! ;)

  6. This top ten list has been great fun to follow, Kudos!

    Mike: I agree with you 100%, and personally think Brian Nelson is the best thing to have ever happened to the Ork line.

  7. thanks everyone for the comments. Hey, it was just a fun little project and despite differences, I hope you all enjoyed it. We have the coolest hobby in the world

  8. Nice series of articles; though I'm with HuronBH - would like to have seen some non-GW models in there (maybe another article though?!)
    My favourites were the Sorceror #7, the Dwarf #6 and the Orc Shaman #4. That Imperial Guard unit kicked some ass too!
    Looking forward to the also-rans.

  9. Heh, although I disagree with some of your findings, I did agree with others -- that Khorne juggernaut is amazing -- it was fun to read through the list, and what are these things for but to prompt discussion? Thanks for taking the time to put the list together!