Thursday, February 17, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 2

We are almost there! After going through a wonderful journey of awesome models, we are now getting close to the end. Without further ado I present to you Number 2 in the SCWH Top 10 of all time:

The Slann Mage Priest
This sculpt rules the Lizardmen army and is in my 'humble' opinion the best model in the Fantasy Range.
The sculpt is great. I find the arms and wrists resting on the legs the highlight of this model: I love the way the arms are so peaceful and quiet, you never want to arms to move, less it will be the last thing you will see.
The expression in the Priest's face is stoic, unlike his little helper, who is busy and manipulating. In the end though you feel this guy actually is a giant fake and is using his appearance to cheat his lessers into believing he is divine....he is probably thinking about food, drink and... it's a funny model as well as beautiful.

Sculptor: ?

Here's an excellent paint job done by Morpheus

Bloodcrusher of Khorne
The juggernaut with a daemon on it, an amazing plastic kit, powerful and crazy looking, it even looks unstoppable. Great sense of motion, lots of texture.
This model is such an improvement from the last version, and I think it really shows how GW has been improving, adding detail realism and dynamic motion to the models they are putting out.

Beyond the Juggernaut, the bloodletter is also a great model and again quite an improvement over the older model. It has a more lean and agile look that conveys a frantic and desperate creature interested only in spilling blood.

Sculptor: Alex Hedstrom

Tomorrow will end this series and reveal our top picks, make sure to drop in for a visit and see our #1 choices.


  1. I agree that the old juggernaut was a little lame, but the current sculpt is pretty sweet!

  2. d6: I don't know...but after looking at all those models, the new dark eldar didn't have that epic feel and longevity. I also find them unrealistic. I have read all the abnett and cain books and through that universe, it would be impossible to be so scantily clad and survive. That was part of my criteria for selection, which is completely personal of course. They are wonderful sculpts though.