Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 3

And here we are at number 3 in the Santa Cruz Warhammer Top Ten Models of All Time!


Khorne Lord on the Juggernaut
Wow, what a beast this model is. Full of evil power and high intelligence, this combo of men and (mech)beast is in my opinion the best Cavalry Model that GW ever made.
The sculpt is full of details: the shoulders with the emblems, the skulls everywhere, the mail on the legs, the mouth and eyes of the beast, the shield of the rider and the two heads available in the set, both great heads to use. The positioning of the model works great: the two are fighting over which direction to go: the warrior sees things faraway, the monster smells blood in the near vicinity; I really admire the way the model stands on the base.
Overall the models conveys a malice that is completely in line with the fluff and artwork for the Chaos Powers.

Sculptor: Jes Goodwin


Gorbad Ironclaw
Gnarla the one tusked boar, leaping into battle, so much motion and a great, dynamic pose.
I really like how he is pointing the way with his finger to the rest of the boys.

The massive size makes him stand out from other boar boyz as the warlord, and who wouldn't want to follow this guy into battle, I can just see him smashing his way through the ranks of the enemy.

Sculptor: Alex Hedstrom

Tomorrow: Number 2!

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen that Chaos lord before. What a model!