Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 4

We are steadily moving towards number 1 in the Santa Cruz Warhammer Top Ten Models of All Time. Today it's time for number 4!


Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
Wow. This model has rocked me from the moment it came out. This is to me the BEST example of design and fluff coming together in one piece of plastic. The kit is simply terrifying and gruesome and looking at the picture makes me wince. The necromancer is beautiful, his spear is just gross, in short this is a really impressive piece of art. I am actually building one right now and even unpainted, that pile of dead people looks nasty. Great job Well done!

Sculptors: Colin Grayson and Brian Nelson

Orc Shaman
What a great face, very serious for an Orc, and a giant bone staff.
Ready to summon the power of Gork (or Mork?)
To me this model has such a different feel than other Orc models which I think shows how the Shaman is a bit of an outcast to the rest of the boyz. The long face looks like it has a story to tell.
He has such a unique look and the detail that separates him from the rank and file and sets him aside as an independent character. 

Sculptor: Brian Nelson

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  1. I'd inlude the ork shaman in my top 5. One of the ageless pieces from GW if you ask me.

  2. That Ork is certainly iconic. I think this is the first official model created that wasn't of the "goofy ork" line, and was more stern. I suspect that's the main reason why he stands out so much in my mind--but yes, I'd grant you that he deserves a mention in the top 10.