Friday, February 11, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 6

We are slowly making our way to the top and today we have landed at the sixth spot in the SCWH Top Ten Models of All Time. Let's have it!

Spacemarine Chaplain
Here's one of the rare Space Marine Models that really reflects the fluff and artwork surrounding him. This Chaplain is one scary guy and he is very devout which is probably very bad for his foes. Although his pose is not very dynamic, the face is extremely expressive and your eyes go to it right away. And what a face it is...very very good. I like his incense bowl at the bottom of his feet; a very nice detail.

Sculptor: Juan Diaz

Dwarf Lord
What a great model, I think it really captures the feel of the Dwarves.
The face is great with a stone cold stare, the piercing eyes staring down his opponent across the battlefield.
Look how his moustache hangs over his hand on his axe.
He looks like he is contemplating his strategy, or mulling over a great grudge he is about to avenge.
Perfect model to lead a clan of dwarves to the fight.


scroll down for more about the top ten of all time. Monday comes number 5!


  1. Great choices so far guys.

    the Dwarf Lord was sculpted (I believe) by Felix Panagua (sp?) who is the sculptor behind the Avatars of War range of minis.


  2. When that chaplain came out, I was completely enamoured with him (much like his predecessor). When compared with the rest of the terminator line, he does shine, but I'm not sure I'd put 'em in my top 10.

    But maybe I would..

  3. Now we are cooking with gas. That Space Marine Chaplain absolutely embodies what 40k is all about!