Thursday, February 10, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 7

Today we have arrived at the 7th spot in the SCWH Top Ten Models of All Time. And I want to say right away John and I did NOT tell each other which model ended up in which spot. So today, we end up with TWO Fantasy Chaos Sorcerers....I think getting this result after looking at 1000 plus models is really, really weird....


Warrior of Chaos Sorcerer
I told you all before I really was looking for models that embodied the spirit of the excellent artwork that GW puts in each codex..most models do not get close, but this one does. A crouching, lowly, mean spirited and evil (used to be) man, holding a book that looks like a portal to the warp...this model really gives me the creeps. The detail work is abundant: the book, the staff, all the screaming heads...but also the body position and the effect it has on the folds in the cloth...I really like it. Unfortunately I don't have this model but hope to pick it up one of these days..

Sculptor: ?

Nurgle Sorcerer
Chubby, cloaky, cool staff, lots of scrolls.

Great details in the model and you know I love the Nurgle theme.
This model makes a great focal point in a Nurgle themed Chaos army, almost like a necromancer.

Imagine seeing this guy walking into your little village, he looks unassuming and frumpy, but hes kind of spooky and you know he is going to be trouble.

This model was also fun to paint, great for blending greens and earthy tones.

Sculptor: Aly Morrison

For the previous entries in the top ten, scroll down to previous days.

Tomorrow number 6!


  1. I'm loving this series!
    Crazy that you picked Termies on the same day, then both chose Chaos Sorcerers... must be something in the air.

  2. yes. it is very strange, but I can tell you, completely separately chosen