Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 8

Today we have arrived at number 8 in the Santa Cruz Warhammer Top Ten Models of All Time.

Njall Stormcaller
I think this model is the best Space Marine Model out there (except one...). His pose is just wonderful: dynamic, ready to meet the challenge AND his role as a priest with a magic staff are excellently implemented.
Tons and tons of details on this one, like the runes on the armour, the creases on his holster and of course the wonderful pelt with head on top of his armour. I actually modeled this guy to make him Logan Grimnar, because he looked so regal and lord like.

Sculptor: Juan Diaz

Master of the Death Guard, giant power scythe, cool helmet.

My favorite Chaos Power is Nurgle and the Death Guard my favorite chapter.

Typhus has great fluff and this is a great model, really like the tube things on his back, and he fits in very well with the Forge World Death Guard Terminator upgrade kit, making a great looking squad.

The best detail I think is the power scythe, it really makes the model and has a sinister look to it.

Sculptor: ?

Tomorrow, our # 7 choices! For the previous posts in the Top Ten, scroll down below this post.

Mike and John

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