Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 9

We are back again with the Santa Cruz Warhammer Top Ten Models of All Time! Today we have reached number 9!

Here is my number 9:
Imperial Guard Kasrkin Squad
These storm troopers are absolutely wonderful. They look threatening, very well equipped and ready for anything. And then there is the sergeant, who face is really great: arrogant and ruthless. The models have tons of great details, like the visors, the kneepads with straps that go around the legs and many more. They are my favorite Guard models and I will be one of the few who is not looking forward to plastic stormtroopers. The newer Guard sculpts really don't come close to the level of stuff like this. If you don't have them, get some and paint them up, they are a real treat to work with.

Sculptor: ?

Limited edition Dark Angels Company Master.
This guy is super cool. To get him you had to buy the D.A. army box set, or pay a fortune for him on Ebay. You can't consider yourself a Dark Angels player/ collector if this guy doesn't have a special spot in your collection.
Giant combi weapon...check!
Cool cape covering shoulder...check!
Inner circle robe with emo hoody.....check!

The Dark Angels will always be my favorite chapter, and I was too cheap to buy the set when it came out and ended up chasing this bad boy down on Ebay and paid through the teeth for him, but I got one...and its mine.

Sculptor: ?

Tomorrow, #8!

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Mike John


  1. I've got one of those Ltd Edition Dark Angels chappies. I'm still (several years later) in the midst of converting him.

    Yes. I know, heresy, but I figure the number of people with that model is limited. So if I convert mine then it will be even more limited.

    Well, it sounded good in my head...

  2. Love those Karskin. I've sold off all my bits of IG slowly but for a few sentinels for my Arbites, but there is no way I'd get rid of the Karskin. Great pick.

  3. I love both of those picks for #9!!!