Monday, February 7, 2011

SCWH Top 10 Models of All Time: Number 10

Welcome to the Top Ten Models of All Time According to Santa Cruz Warhammer.
Every Day, for the next two weeks (weekends excluded), John and I will post one model a day, starting with number ten and working our way up to number 1! The week after that I will post the best of the rest, the ones that came close but didn't make it.
I came up with the idea flipping through my 500+ records and reminiscing about my childhood, listening to the hitparade on the radio in Holland and being so excited about it. Then I figured, maybe I can do something with the models I love and -bingo!-the idea was born.
I asked John, who didn't have too much faith in the project, worrying about the difficulty making the final the Dark Angels range alone he already found 20 models. But after much pleading he agreed to humour me and go along...

Anyway, my idea is simple:
1. First of all, this list is not complete. Who cares? It is an excuse to get all the books out and look at many models (with my kids actually)
2. I looked not only at the design of the sculpt (do I like the look of it) but also how the model fits into the fluff. As a measure I looked at a lot of awesome black and white artwork in the codexes and hold it up to the model; does the model come close to the awesome GW art?
3. Is it in any way believable for this model to perform on the battlefield in Fantasy or 40K?
4. All models are allowed from Fantasy and 40K including vehicles. No Forgeworld.
5. All of the choices and thoughts are ENTIRELY our opinions and we EXPECT you all to show displeasure (or joy) by giving us some vicious comments...

And now over to Mike's number 10!


The Wood Elf Wardancer Lord
Who cares about Lelith Hesperax? This is by far the best woman ever sculpted by GW and she is so badass that in a match between Lilith and her, I would bet all my vinyls on this lady. She is beautiful, proud, ultra skilledand she dresses comfortably.
I have always liked the diagonal line from foot to tip of spear and having actually played with her, she always had a beautiful presence on the battlefield. The branch she stands on is really subtly added. I think I would have made her sword a bit thinner, but overall an absolute stunner.

Sculptor: ?


First of all, I have to say this was super tough for me, there are so many models that I just love.

It would have been much easier for me to pick 40k top 10 or just fantasy, vehicles only etc, but 10 only from everything GW has done is going to be tough.

So much for my disclaimer.

My process is not very scientific, and will most likely be biased as there are great minis out there that I just can't get behind as they are for an army I just hate, also some pretty good mini might beat out a better choice in my eyes because its for an army that I hold close to my heart, even just because I really liked that model or bought it on a special day or whatever, so take my choices with a grain of salt, I will do my best to explain myself.

I picked about 30 favorites and started subtracting away until only 10 were left, and this is how it all finished up.

My 10th choice
Lord Coteaz
This guy has a giant hammer and a pet two headed giant cyber (Psyber) eagle, what's not to like? I always found the Daemon hunter retinues a bit odd looking, but this guy just looks like a bad mofo.
I always thought it would be cool to have an attack bird and I like the fur at the top of the cape, unless its not fur and its a bunch of crazy hair,.... then not so much.

Perhaps I have been thinking about the new codex landing, and it has swayed my judgement.

Sculptor: ?

Ok, that's it for today, feel free to comment on our choices, good or bad, we are interested in your thoughts.

Tomorrow will, have us at #9 with another pair of great models, so stay tuned.

Mike  & John


  1. Two very good choices for GW models I think. Although I don't play Fantasy I think the Wood Elf models in particular are very representative of some great levels of detail that can be achieved with the model range.

    Also have always liked the Lord Cortez model. Although this Jack in The Box commercial may have spoiled the model for me....

  2. Off to a great start with two fantastic miniatures.

    Coteaz is a tremendous figure. The longer you look at him the more you feel like you're getting to know him. That's a hallmark for miniature greatness in my book.